Agrol® Bio-Based Polyol
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BioBased Technologies® and Agrol®

Agrol® is a family of natural oil- based polyols available in a range of functionalities that can be used in a variety of polyurethane applications. Our products enable manufacturers to increase the sustainability of their end products without sacrificing performance.


BioBased Technologies® developed the first Agrol® product in 2005. The following year Agrol® was named a P2 Awardee by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency because the innovative chemistry behind the product helps to further pollution prevention and other environmental goals. EPA

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We now offer a full line of Agrol® products. Information about the benefits of Agrol® and technical specifications for each product are available here.


BioBased Technologies® has the capacity to manufacture and supply sufficient volumes of Agrol® to meet the needs of our customers. We also will provide technical guidance and recommendations on the use of our triglyceride-derived polyols (TDPs).


BioBased Technologies® is happy to collaborate with our clients as they integrate Agrol® into their products in order to bring more environmentally-responsible products to their customers.

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